Imptalk Public Server

The Imptalk Public Server is free in order to collect feedback. It is sponsored by the developers without any form of advertisement. Please give feedback by posting on the Imptalk forums. By providing this feedback, you help us track down any bugs. Up to 50 people may use the Imptalk Public Server at one time.

To connect to the Imptalk Public Server, first download and install the latest version of Imptalk from the Download page. Once Imptalk is installed, start Imptalk and click New to create a new profile. Name the profile Imptalk Public Server and click Ok. Enter into the URL field and 7250 into the Port field. Enter whatever Username you would like and leave the Password field blank. For further help, refer to the Getting Started section of the User's Manual.

IP Address:
User Limit: 50
Status: Offline

Note: Must be using Imptalk version 0.10.0 or later.